State of the Health System


As the CEO for the local health system, I have the great privilege of working to improve the health of the 800,000 residents we serve across Waterloo Wellington.

Our health system is a community asset – one that has been built by the hard work of community leaders, health professionals, and through public funding over many years. The responsibility for overseeing and improving this vital community asset is not one I take lightly.

As investors and beneficiaries of the health system, our community deserves to know how it is advancing. This is why we are hosting our first State of the Health System Address. On September 29th, our community will come together to learn about the progress made in improving the local health system and the work still ahead to improve access, equity, and the patient experience.

I recently heard a story from one of our care coordinators, a social worker, who supports some of our most vulnerable residents with very complex health needs.

One of her patients was transitioning into palliative care and had an almost new hospital bed in their home they wanted to donate. Earlier that day, the care coordinator had heard from an occupational therapist about a patient who was sleeping on plywood without a mattress. This patient was blind and a recent double amputee who was suffering from not sleeping on a proper bed. It took some coordination – including a supportive landlord who offered to pick-up and move the bed – but that bed has changed the life of this patient.

Making the connection to provide a new bed for this patient isn’t a health procedure you’ll find in any textbook. However, it’s the one that will prevent a number of other health issues from occurring that would require additional services – not to mention the incredible impact on the patient’s quality of life.

These are the stories that inspire me as work to make it easier for residents to be healthy, and to get the care and support they need. I look forward to sharing more stories on September 29th.