Empowering Clinical Leaders

Guest Blog by Gloria Cardoso, BScN, MHSc, CHE. Executive Lead, Primary Health Care

img_2017_clinical7Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to work with incredible clinicians. Whether it was as a critical care nurse, health leader within hospitals, home and community care, provincial physician membership organization and the Waterloo Wellington LHIN – I continue to be inspired by the commitment and passion of those who provide care for people in our community.

I love learning the story behind why people chose a clinical career and am amazed what I learn about people’s experience and how that shaped their path.

  • One Gerontologist told me about her grandfather who had Alzheimers. That experience shaped her desire to find ways to help seniors and their families live a quality of life with dementia.
  • One social worker told me about her experience with her younger sister who had leukemia. She wanted to work with children and families in the cancer unit as she understood firsthand how challenging the illness is on the person, family and friends.
  • One nurse practitioner explained her parents were clinicians and she wanted to carry the service vocation in the rural community in which she grew up. She came from a long history of clinicians in her family.

Most recently I met up with a past colleague who worked at a hospital as an infection control doctor. In the past few years he shifted his practice from hospital to treat people in the community who suffer from Hepatitis C. He saw a need, responded, and now has built a thriving clinic making it easier for these individuals to be healthy and get the care and support they need. Many of these people were overlooked by the health system but today they have a place to go for help. His story is one of Vision, Courage and Empowerment.

Amazing stories of people making a difference in our world. 

One of our local priorities is to empower clinician leaders to help drive meaningful system improvements. We commit as a LHIN to walk hand in hand with clinicians to make the necessary changes for our residents. We believe that patients and clinicians are our greatest advisors – helping us understand what is working, what needs fixing, and how best we might make needed change.

Listening to and supporting clinicians to make it easier for them to help their patients has resulted in significant improvements to care. One such example is our work to share information between mental health service providers and primary care practices. Our local clinicians told us this information was critical to help them help their patients – we listened, learned and now are making it happening.

We are currently recruiting for a Vice President, Clinical and Sub-region clinical leaders. These roles will be instrumental in helping reach as many clinicians as we can to seek their advice and input into changes needed to improve their patient and clinical experience. We’ve had a great track record working with clinical leaders and have outstanding clinical physician leads working with us. We look forward to adding additional clinical leadership to our LHIN team as we aspire to make it easy for people to stay healthy, and get the care and support they need.

A Huge Thank You to Nurses

nuresesweek2017 copy

This week we have celebrated the incredible nurses working in our local health system. I was inspired by the diverse profiles of local RPNs, RNs, and NPs, working across the health system and how passionate they are about their patients. Most of them spoke about wanting to make a difference and the value they add supporting families through challenging times. I couldn’t agree more.

For me, I have been fortunate to have many great nurses care for me and my family over the years. I think of the care coordinator who helped make my mom’s final wishes a reality as well as those who cared for her in her home, the nurses at my family health team, and more. As a sports guy, I have had my fair share of injuries and as a dad, I’ve also spent a fair bit of time at the family doctor and in the ED worrying about my kids.

So on behalf of my family, and the thousands of families we serve across Waterloo Wellington – a heartfelt thank you for everything you do each and every day.